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    Shandong Meitai board Co., Ltd.
    Manager Cao:17353852110
    Manager An:15963805888
    Technical support:13306338571
    Address:Intersection of Beijing Road and Shenzhen Road, Rizhao Economic Development Zone

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    Shandong Meitai board Co., Ltd. is located in a coastal city of Rizhao which is in Shandong Province. With both convenient sea and land transportation by closing to the pivotal port and freight station. The technics are supported by Jinan Jiemei Lingmei Building Material Research Institute .Meitai board is specializing in the production and research and development of magnesium based metal clad board.

    The company’s mission is to provide tidy,sustainable and suitable places for people and   protect the environment by minimize uses of wood. Our products are magnesium oxide board(MGO board)/magnesium sulphide,partition board,magnesium based metal clad board decoration board. The products could used as both public area decoration,indoor decoration,furniture and factories require purification engineering like hospital, electronic factory,food production factory,pharmaceutical factory.