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  • vwin娱乐网址|唯一官网is located in a coastal city of Rizhao which is in Shandong Province. With both convenient sea and land transportation by closing to the pivotal port and freight station. The technics are supported by Jinan Jiemei Lingmei Building Material Research Institute .Meitai board is specializing in the production and research and development of magnesium based metal clad board.

    The company’s mission is to provide tidy,sustainable and suitable places for people and   protect the environment by minimize uses of wood. Our products are magnesium oxide …

    Magnesium Oxide Board
    Magnesium oxide decorative boardMagnesium sulphide decoration board
    Magnesium based metal clad board
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  • home decorationhome decoration
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  • Xilaideng RenovationXilaideng Renovation
  • Use of magnesium based metal clad board——Hospital  Use of magnesium based metal clad …
  • Market Prospect of Magnesium Oxide Board

    I. Fire Protection Requirements Throughout the world, once a fire breaks out in public places and large crowded places, it will inevitably cause losses or even serious casualties. Arson occurred at…详情>>

    Application of Magnesium Oxide Board

    Magnesium Oxide Board is widely used in construction industry because of its fire protection, moisture proof, formaldehyde-free, sound insulation, heat preservation and other characteristics, and doe…详情>>

    Production Technology and Advantage of Magnesium Oxide Fireproof…

    Meitai magnesium oxide board is made of magnesium oxide, magnesium sulfate, glass fiber cloth of middle alkali , expanded perlite, sawdust and other auxiliary materials 。 详情>>

    Characteristics of Magnesium Oxide Board

    Fire prevention: Magnesium oxide board is refined by inorganic mineral powder, which meets the national fire prevention standard of Grade A1 GB8624-2006. It is completely non-combustible plate, and i…详情>>